Russel Brothers Limited   OWEN SOUND, ONTARIO   Steelcraft Boat Builders
Signs & Lightposts

Russel Brothers had always taken on other steel fabrication jobs, other than boat building. Here's a couple of examples...

Various service station steel signs.

A familiar sight to the majority of Canadians, the steelwork of these service station signsis another R-H product. Sturdily built to withstand the elements, Steelcraft fabricated poles are engineered...are sandblasted and primed inside and out...and shipped with galvanized hardware so they are as corrosion-proof as possible. Hundreds of service stations are being identified with these sign-poles, which are marketed in cooperation with a Canadian porcelain sign manufacturer. Multi-coloured porcelain signs are always gleaming and readable...need a minimum of maintenance. Another Russel-Hipwell product is a range of street lighting standards, traffic light poles and floodlight poles in dozens of sizes and types. These are manufactured in Owen Sound and marketed through large electrical distributor organizations into every province.


Light standards outside Halifax airport in the 1940's.

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