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Contributor Collections
These are just some of the main contributors to this archive and I can't thank all of you enough who did! Special mention goes to the first four listed here. Others alphabetical.
- Dr. Steve Briggs, Sept. 2007.

OSMRM Collection
Owen Sound Marine & Rail Museum Collection. Original Factory Photos.
Fort Frances Museum Collection
Thanks to curator Pam Hawley for collecting and sending copies of these materials.
Bowling Green Collection
Historical Collections of the Great Lakes Great Lakes Vessels Online Index
University Libraries / Bowling Green State University
Greg Aldworth
Greg owns MV Chippewa III, formerly a Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist.
Art Carson
Three photos of Octagon, August 1969, in BC.
Rejean Boisvert
Photos relating to Russel craft and Québec's logging industry.
Steve Briggs
Optometrist turned marine historian, your editor's personal Russel photos...
Bill Broadhead
Wendy B. photos.
Paul Capel
Owen Sounder Paul Capel's father Don was the driving force behind returning the Ancaster (featured on the last Canadian dollar bill) to Owen Sound.
Andy Charette
Andy owns Twin Falls Marina, and a couple of Russel boats.
Yves Cloutier
Photos relating to Russel craft and Québec's logging industry.
Ted Eldred
Ted is an ex-Russel employee and still lives in Owen Sound.
Robert B. Farrow
A collection of recent photos of roughly 150 Russel craft throughout Canada. His Russel archive, along with
Gerry Ouderkirk's, was a main source of the inspiration for, and start of, this digital archive. Gery and Rob compiled the initial listing of registrations for Russel vessels, which has been expanded herein. Rob has been a tireless contributor and meticulous documenter over the last 3 years, and owns a Russel Winch Boat.
Joe Fossey
Joe has been a marine historian for many years, and is the authour of many articles on Russel Brothers.
Doug Gagnon
Son of a Russel boat driver, Doug's had a lifelong fascination with these craft.
Gerry George
Gerry George's archive of photos of the Toronto fireboat Wm Lyon Mackenzie during her 2004 refurbishment, which he used to build an incredibly detailed model. Many thanks to Joe Fossey for procuring these.
Raymond Hodgson
Raymond Hodgson of Québec provides photos of an old Fort Frances Russel.
Gary Kleaman
Kleaman Marine is a Vancouver company specializing in the sale of Commercial Vessels, Character Yachts & Vessels for Conversion to Yachts.
David Low
David worked for 24 years at Russel Brothers in Owen Sound, starting in 1945 or so, as head draftsman, problem solver and designer. He still resides in town.
M.B. Mackay
Born in Québec City, Mac spent summers on the shores of the St. Lawrence watching ships of all sizes passing....He has been producing a monthly newsletter about shipping in Halifax for 20 years.
Kent Malo
Kent is from Candiac, QC. Montreal area Russels...
Dan McKay
Dan owns Mikayla (ex PPM 32), and his dad Cliff owns Decelles.
McNally Construction Collection
Russels employed in Hamilton Ontario. Photos supplied by Mike Coutts.
Norm Meneray
Norm is an Owen Sounder that travels around the country fixing boats.
Don Moon
Engineer for 26 years on the Wolfe Islander III Ferry, Rod's been around tugs all his life. Rod's dad Angus J. Morrison and brother Cliff Morrison were captains of the Atomic.
Rod Morrison
Engineer for 26 years on the Wolfe Islander III Ferry, Rod's been around tugs all his life. Rod's dad Angus J. Morrison and brother Cliff Morrison were captains of the Atomic.
Gerry Ouderkirk
Gerry Ouderkirk is the Mate on the Toronto ferry Ongiara and has been researching Russel boats for many years. In a very real sense, Gerry (Toronto) started off this whole digital Russel archive business, when he decided to make up a listing of Russel vessels, and try to make some sense out of hull numbers and build years, and in general try to preserve some history. Sometime later, GAO met RBF (Rob Farrow of Thunder Bay) and between the two of them they had a pretty decent archive. Years later, a web-obsessed optometrist from Owen Sound first contacted RBF and later GAO and put the whole thing online, which led to a zillion more inclusions over 2004 - 2007.
Robert Plakholm
A collection of original factory photos salvaged at the time the company dissolved.
John Pomeroy
John is a firefighter in Chelsea, QC, and has been a Russel Tug fan since childhood. He knew the crews of the Skimmer, the Cliff M, and the Siskin very well. He's recently bought the Nellie S. winch boat.
Mary Beth Robinson
Owen Sounder Mary Beth's photos of Beauchene in Haileybury.
Terry Scott Collection
Scotty owns Kayvee and is based in Amherstberg, Ontario.
Bill Tighe
Photos of the Wm Lyon Mackenzie fireboat.
Michel Tremblay
M. Tremblay is a tugboat enthusiast from Gaspé , QC. While too young to have worked on the Gaspé log drives, he remembers seeing the operations and subsequent demolition of the wharves and tug slips. Gaspé was a frequent fuel stop and shelter for various McKiel Glen class tugs, and the ex-CCG Ville Marie
and Montmagny, the two biggest Russel ships. Michel has experience on various types of boats, and now works for the government.
Jan & Dirk Van Der Doe
Kayvee photos from father and son, Jan and Dirk Van Der Doe.
Shaun Vary
Russel fishing tugs, models, and other boats.


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