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Purdom / Eden VI

Canadian List of Shipping 1956: Purdom [C.173546] registered at Owen Sound; built at Owen Sound in 1941. 27'5 x 7'5 x 3'; 4 g.t.; 3 n.t.; 20 hp. Owned by Abitibi Power & Paper Co. Ltd., Iroquois Falls, Ontario.. Canadian List of Shipping 1970: Steel tug Purdom [C.173546] registered at Owen Sound. Built at Owen Sound in 1941. 28'; 4 g.t. Transport Canada List 2002: Steel tug Eden VI [C.173546] ex- Purdom. Owned by Deep Diving Systems Ltd., Thunder Bay, Ontario. RBF Notes: Reported taken from Fred Bronnele of Deep Diving Systems, for money owed to Kapush Contracting. Kapush is reported to have sold this vessel to the USA somewhere.


Information on Fred Bronelle and his Thunder Bay based Deep Diving Systems company is reprinted from this source (thanks to Matthew Carlson for finding this): In the 70ís there was one diver who had the bug for rebreather diving like no one else. Fred Bronelle formed a company, Deep Diving Systems, a marine contracting firm in part to raise the Gunilda (an 1897 60m vessel sunk in 1911 near Rossport Ontario). He built several wet bells, purchased boats, barges, cranes, purchased a Biomarine CCR 1000 rebreather and set out to dive Gunilda.


Matthew Carlson notes (Nov. 8, 2017)... The Ingrid S. is shown directly behind the Eden VI winch boat, I'm not sure what the day cruiser boat is named in front of it. As for the tug to the left of the picture that one is the old Annis Lee that was built by our local Port Arthur Shipbuilding Co. (Or PASCOL). The Annis Lee is sitting on shore in flatland harbour, the Eden VI Rob Farrow said was apparently sold to someone in the States, it was also in flatland harbour for a number of years.


Matthew Carlson notes (April 15, 2017)...arial view of Fred's old yard in Thunder Bay, Ontario. You can see his barges and the Annis Lee frozen-in, tied to the dock, two of the little larger tugs (looks like sister tugs on shore) the Eden VI on shore by the building. Looks like there are also two other possible winchboat hulls sitting on shore, they may have been used for parts or something. DDS yard was right beside Great West Timber so those ones might have been owned by them.


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