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Ernst M.

Canadian List of Shipping 1956: Ernst M. [C.190851] registered at Toronto; built at Owen Sound in 1949. 37' 1 x 10' 5 x 4' 8; 12 g.t.; 8 n.t.; 100 hp, Owned by Long Lac Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd., Toronto. John Sperrino Notes. Ernst M. was Kimberly-Clark company number 241. ERNST M. (O.N. 190851) This vessel is no longer registered in Canada. For further information contact the nearest vessel registry office. Date of closing: September 15, 1999.


Don Loponen comments (Apr. 21, 2017): "They've got a jackpot here. Taken at a log dump on Long Lake south of Longlac. That's my father (Tauno Loponen) at the wheelhouse. I used to like watching it (the Ernst M.) zip around the bay in Longlac." Note the raised bow deck. Photo courtesy Don Loponen.

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Grouse and Ernst M., Longlac. Photo by Maurice Spooner. Gerry Ouderkirk Collection.

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Grouse (right) and Ernst M., Longlac. Photo courtesy Don Loponen.
Don notes: The Ernst M was used mostly for making up rafts of logs close to Longlac
for the bigger boats (Lacalong and Tugalong) to pull down the lake.

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