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HMCS Glendyne

Particulars of Canadian War Vessels Building & Projected by Naval Service Headquarters (D. N. C. Dept.) 1943 - 1945: Glendyne [C.N.891] built in 1945 by Russel Bros., Owen Sound, Ontario. One of the workhorse Glen Class tugs that helped large Royal Canadian Navy ships enter and leave Halifax. GLENDYNE was sunk in 1957 while berthing the aircraft carrier HMCS MAGNIFICENT. She was girted, that is pulled over by the carrier's mooring lines. The tug's cook was trapped inside and drowned. A seaman later died in hospital. A naval inquiry blamed communication problems between the carrier and tugs. GLENDYNE was refloated a few days later and returned to serve the navy until the 1979 when she was retired and later sunk as a diver training site in Eastern Passage, Bedford Basin, Halifax Harbour. GLENDYNE was previously sunk in 1957 during a berthing accident but raised and contined to serve the navy until she retired in 1979. After retirement she was deliberately sunk as a training site for Navy Divers at Eastern Passage. Her wheelhouse was saved and installed on the wharf of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic where it provides a ticket booth for BLUENOSE II when she is in port.

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Glendyne history by Edison Horton.

Navy Pennant Numbers: War Time- W 68 28 April, 1945 to 1946. Post War- YTM 503 1946 to 1978.

Builder: Russel Bros., Owen Sound, Ontario. R.C.N. Order Number: CN 891. Laid down on 06 November, 1944. Launched on 20 March, 1945. Endurance and full power trials on April 26, 1945. Commissioned on 28 April, 1945. Length 80' 6" x beam 20' 7" x draught 9' 8". Steel Hull, Short house. Power: 1 Enterprise diesel, 6 cylinders (12" x 15"), 400 hp @ 400 rpm. Speed: 10.5 kts.

The GLENDYNE was a tender to Naval Base H.M.C.S. Stadacona, Halifax, N.S. Proposed Disposition in 1945. Radio Call Sign: "CGJP" 'CATALOG B" Some Navy Skippers: Lt. James William Howey. Lt. John Greenfield Brown (5.3.45) (2.4.45) Lt. Randel Domenie (29.1.46) James Charlsey Bennett (16.2.57)

On Saturday, 16 February, 1957, she was capsized and sunk while assisting in the docking of the aircraft carrier H.M.C.S. MAGNIFICENT in Halifax Harbour, this occured when the tug got in the "irons" position with the tow line to the carrier. Two crew members, a deckhand and the cook were drowned in the accident. The GLENDYNE was raised on Tuesday, 19 February, 1957, refitted and continued to serve the Navy until the 1970's. The hull was deliberately sunk in Bedford Basin for underwater training by naval divers in 1979-01-01.

The wooden wheelhouse was saved and erected in the wharf of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, where it provides a ticket booth for the Bluenose 11.

February 2001. Ref: Particulars of Canadian War Vessels C.B. (Can) 0809 (July 1944) Conversation with Capt James Bennett, Don Bianco, Garth Rhyno, retired DND marine engineers. The Halifax Chrinicle-Hearld. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.


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