Russel Brothers Limited   OWEN SOUND, ONTARIO   Steelcraft Boat Builders
Hull 958

Boat #958, Length 26.0, Beam 7.6, year 1952.

Christine Mitchell, Director, Chutes Coulonge, writes: "We are a non profit organization - the boat was donated to us by the Sawmill in Davidson, Québec on the the Ottawa River. In more recent years the sawmill was run under the Tembec banner - but it is now dormant. We operate a tourist site on the Coulonge River at the Grande Chute where George Bryson - lumber baron - built a 3000 ft wooden log chute so that logs could bypass the large rocky waterfalls and the gorge and make their way to the Ottawa River. I would love to have more information about the boat so we can pass it on to our visitors - we see 10 000 people each season from May to October."

"We painted the boat after it sat for three years - it was painted those colours before because we matched the chips of paint against samples just to try to perserve it a little. It is my understanding that each logging company and or sawmill painted it to suit their image. My husband thought it looked like air search and rescue planes, but i think your right - more like McDonald's. We had concerns with people getting on the boat for pictures and such - people were getting rust all over their clothing - we finally just took matters into our own hands. We primed it all gray first - but it is much more lively as it is now. Our only grace is that the colours should fade with weather and wear.

I appreciate your help and look forward to whatever information you can ascertain.

Regards, Christine Mitchell, Feb. 27th, 2006"

June 5th, 2005.

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Chutes du Coulonge, QB, July 2005.

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SB notes, as a 25 foot winch boat produced in 1952 and used on the Ont./Que. border, there's a good chance this is one of the following: The Brian B., Copo V, Kipawa, Mary Beatrice L., Ogascanen, Peterbell, Sassaganiga.


Fall 2016.

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SB notes: April 14, 2017. Hull 958 in Chutes Coulonge Historical Park today. Photos by my sister in law Corinne Pitre.


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