Russel Brothers Limited   OWEN SOUND, ONTARIO   Steelcraft Boat Builders

Canadian List of Shipping 1956: Ishpeming [C.197463] registered at Montreal; built at Owen Sound in 1954. 38' x 12'1 x 3'3; 11 g.t.; 8 n.t.; 165 hp. Owned by Caland Ore Co. Ltd., Toronto. Canadian List of Shipping l970: Steel diesel tug Ishpeming [C.197463] registered at Montreal. Built by Russel Bros. Ltd., Owen Sound in 1954. She measured 38'; 11 gross tons. In commission 1994. Canadian List of Ships 1997: Steel tug/other Ishpeming [C.197463] registered at Toronto. Built by Russel Bros. Ltd., Owen Sound in 1954. 11 m; 11 g.t.; 8 n.t. Owned by Cartier Construction Ltd., Don Mills, Ontario. Transport Canada List 2002: Built by Russel-Hipwell Engine Co., Owen Sound, Ont. Transport Canada List 2003: Owned by McCormack Marine Ltd., Picton, Ontario.

RBF notes (Jan. 16, 2008): The Ishpeming. Never seen her except in Atikokan museum photos. She used to work side by side with Manistique in the Mine Pits at Steep Rock Mines Atikokan. Here's a shot I found on Flickr taken by Tom Rutledge, who owns Northern Tech Diving shop in Kingston, ON.


Photos from the sale listing on captured April 20, 2017. 1954 38' x 12' x 5' Steel Russel Bros Built Tug Boat Built by Russel Bros, Owen Sound, Ontario Gross tonnage: 11.04 tons Net tonnage: 7.51 Cummins 380 hp diesel engine VHF Radio Located in Eastern Ontario Price: $31,500 CDN


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