Russel Brothers Limited   OWEN SOUND, ONTARIO   Steelcraft Boat Builders

Canadian List of Shipping 1956: Mobert [C.178011] registered at Owen Sound. Built at Owen Sound in 1946. 21' x 6'5 2'9; 3 g.t.; 2 n.t.; 10 hp. Owned by Abitibi Power & Paper Co. Ltd., Toronto. Canadian List of Shipping 1970: Steel tender Mobert [C.178011] registered at Owen Sound. Built at Owen Sound in 1946. 21'; 3 g.t. As of 2007 in Dillon, SC. Owner Tressa Floria, Ann Eliza Harllee Chapter 14 Order of the Confederate Rose Treasurer.


Steve Briggs comments (Dec. 14, 2017): Two photos from the Marathon & District Historical Society taken near Regan, Ontario, where the Abitibi Pulp and Paper Company operated. The winch boat name Esnagi (built 1946) is pretty obvious. Mobert is a locale adjacent to Regan. The Pic Mobert Reserve is right there on the river. There is an open top winch boat named Mobert (built 1946) currently in South Carolina. I would bet it is this one. There seems a really good chance that the Ville is Neville/Boomalong (built 1944). "In 1946 Abitibi Pulp and Paper Company bought her and used her for 18 years." so that dates the photos to somewhere between '46 and '64. Click to enlarge.


Photos from 1995, Dillon, South Carolina. Sand blasted fresh paint,
Studebaker 6 cyl flat head gas engine. Click to enlarge to 480 pixels.


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