Russel Brothers Limited   OWEN SOUND, ONTARIO   Steelcraft Boat Builders
T. F. Whalen

Canadian List of Shipping 1952: Supplement 3: Registers Opened. Same info as follows: Canadian List of Shipping 1956: T. F. Whalen [C.195572] registered at Montreal; built at Owen Sound in 1953. 37'9 x 10’5 x 4'7; 13 g.t.; 9 n.t.; 200 hp. Owned by Canadian International Paper Co., Montreal. Canadian List of Shipping 1970: Steel tug T. F. Whalen [C.195572] registered at Montreal. Built at Owen Sound in 1953. 38'; 13 g.t. Canadian List of Ships 1997: Owned by Equipment Stosik Inc., Maniwaki, Québec.

John Pomeroy notes: Baskatong Reservoir, 1987. Doug Gagnon notes (Jan. 2008): Decelles at Lacroix Depot at Baskatong, with two fully equipped Russel's . The first one (closest to Decelles.....bow at Decelles stern) is the Imelda M. the other one is the T.F. Whalen. Sad to say, T.F. WHalen was scrapped in the early 90's. Dan Stosic of Maniwaki had bought a bunch of Russel's when the drive stopped. He bought Basko ( donated to Municipality of Montcerf/Lytton) T.F Whalen, Bertrand, Fautina and Gyp. T.F. Whalen's engine was shot and because of this, couldn't find a buyer, she sat in his mahine yard for a couple of years and was finally cut up and sold for scrap. So, in that pic of John's, from the top down, you've got Decelles, Imelda M, and T.F Whalen.

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