Russel Brothers Limited   OWEN SOUND, ONTARIO   Steelcraft Boat Builders
Newspaper Clippings
Courtesy Robert B. Farrow unless otherwise noted.

Late 30's ad featuring photo of Billie S.
Jan. 8th, 1938: Half page ad - Industrial and Pleasure Boats.
Jan. 8th, 1938: Russel Bros. Boat Plant Likely to Expand Industry for a New Type of Boat
Jan. 14th, 1939: Russel Bros. Well Pleased By 1938 Trade.
Jan. 14th, 1939: Advertisement
Sat. Jan. 13th, 1940: Russel Brothers, Limited Completed 35 Boats Here During Last Year.
Jan. 23, 1942: Fully In The War Effort.
June 23, 1942: Russel Brothers Limited Speeded Up in Production of Needed War Materials.
Jan. 2nd, 1943: Russel Bros. "Steelcraft" Plant One of the Finest In Owen Sound.
Original Photo: 600pixel 600DPI
Owen Sound Sun-Times Sept. 20th 1943: launch of the Glenora and CT 46.
Early 1948: Russel Brothers Ltd., Russel-Hipwell Engines Both Report Good Year.
Late 40's brochure featuring "Glen" class 80' tugs, 60' tugs, and the Radium Express and Radium Express.
Jan. 26th, 1954: Russel-Hipwell Engines Ltd. Enters New Field Building Tugs For Mining Industry.
Jan. 27th, 1954: Russel-Hipwell Engines Report Increased Demand for Products and Services.
Jan. 27th, 1954: Officials of Russel-Hipwell Engines Ltd. of Owen Sound.
Russel-Hipwel News, Sept. 1956: Owen Sound fish ladder, new Lakehead brach (Port Arthur) opens.
1962 year review, photo of aluminum racing yawl. See also Merry Song page.
Early 1963: Russels makes snowplows and other steel work.
1963 year review, photo of Roberval.
Expo '67 "Energy Curve" photo.



Public Thank You for public support of by-law enabling war production.
Half a page of Russel stuff.
Owen Sound's Steel Boat and Diesel Engine Industry.
Service Station sign steelwork by Russel-Hipwell.
Original Photos
R-H News: Miss Mannix dredge and Portuguese Steelcraft tug.
The Nors - Arctic Landing Craft for war use.
Original Photo
Profiles of the Atomic and The Maid of the Mist III.
Probable Russel brochure featuring grainy photos of Ranger V and the Quinte ferry, a 30' utility boat and a scow.
Late 40's brochure featuring "Glen" class 80' tugs, 60' tugs, and the Radium Express and Radium Express.
Brochure featuring 45' tugs, "Ville" class 40' tugs, and the Lynne B. 65' Steel Steam tug.
Russel Circular 46C featuring Atomic photo.
View of the engine assembly plant and a 40' dredge tender (Manistique?).
Owen Sound Sun-Times: Russel tugs on $1 dollar.
Pulpwood on the Ottawa. Malak $1 dollar bill photo.
Owen Sound Historical Society 3 fold brochure.
Haidee (HMCS VR-1) donated to RCNVR for war training.


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