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WWII Navy Tugs
During the second world war, Russel Brothers worked hard to supply Britain with Navy tugboats and other vessels. In those days, men worked in two 10 hour shifts with minimal breaks. Please note that the Canadian Navy still uses the names Ville and Glen for their tugs, but the designs have (of course) changed since WWII.

40 foot

An existing pre-war harbour tug design that was adopted by the British and Royal Canadian Navies.


60 foot

With a six man crew and fire fighting equipment, for speed these tugs were assembled
from pre-fab sections.


80 foot

Space for twelve crewmen and 400 hp engines graced this design, 11 of which were
made by Russel's.

Mac Mackay notes: After the end of WWII, The War Assets Corporation (W.A.C.) needed tugs because it had surplus naval vessels to maintain and move around in such ports as Shelburne, Halifax, Sydney, Sorel, Hamilton, etc., Some were to be sold for scrap, others for re-use, so W.A.C. had to move the vessels from navy bases to layup yards, and look after them. WAC took its pick of surplus naval tugs do this work. In some cases they then chartered the tugs to tug companies to actually run them, provide crews, etc. When the bulk of the surplus naval vessels had been sold, W.A.C. then sold their tugs.


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